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Published: 06th December 2005
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Wall Unit

Most of us picture the living room of our dreams as a beautiful place filled with only the things we love; the cozy sofa that comfortably fits the whole family, the comfortable antique arm chair where we can snuggle up with a book and a cup of tea, the beautiful rug with its intricate patterns and the profusion of candles that fills the room with their warm glow. Or perhaps your dream of a stylish room where the white sofa blends in perfectly with the flat screen TV and the ultra modern sound system? A third option is the exotic living room filled with Mayan masks, Japanese swords, and the burgundy sitting puffs that you brought home from your travels in India. Regardless of our own preferences and decorating must-haves; most of us have one thing in common we do not dream about a nest of dusty cable cords under the TV, seven different remote controls on the coffee table and a jumble of differently colored home electronics squeezed up against the walls. Two avoid this incompatible look and make the room more a lot of interior designers opt for an entertainment wall unit.

A beautiful entertainment wall unit can change the appearance of a whole room. Getting that hodgepodge of mismatched home electronics out of sight, together with their ugly cable cords, will make your room a more tranquil place for relaxation and recuperation. Purchasing a universal remote control that fits all your equipment and clear you living room table from that pile of different remote controls is also a good idea. A good entertainment wall unit will comfortably fit your TV, VCR and DVD player, and also keep the cable and satellite television receivers out of sight. There will also be room in the entertainment wall unit for your stereo components such as an AM/FM tuner, a large multi-disc compact disc changer and old style record and cassette players. Some people prefer to include all the speakers in the entertainment wall unit, while others choose to spread high fidelity speakers over the room to create a surround system similar to that of a movie theater. When you purchase your entertainment wall unit, it is advisable to install an electrical outlet strip that is equipped with a surge protector.

An entertainment wall unit will also solve the problem with records, CDs, DVDs, videotapes and other forms of paraphernalia that tend to clutter our living rooms. Having your most beloved movies on display in your bookshelf adds personality to a room, but crowding the walls with hundreds of home video tapes or oddly colored DVDs can make the room feel jam-packed and simply be "too much". You want to create a soothing room where your eyes and mind can relax from all the impressions of a stressful day. With an entertainment wall unit it will be easy for you to select which records, CDs, DVDs and videotapes that you want to be able to rest your eyes at and move the rest out of sight. Custom made entertainment wall units can be equipped with internal CD and DVD racks, suitable stands for LP records etcetera where you can conveniently file all your media just as you would file books in a library. Finding that specific videotape that you wish to see will be much easier when they are not stashed away in a drawer or even worse laying in a stack on top of the VCR.

Wall Units are popular all over America and Florida is certainly no exception. Since the traditional house design in particularly south Florida is the essence of comfort, tranquility and a high quality of life, wall units will fit in perfectly make all your top modern equipment blend in nicely with the traditional Mediterranean-Florida style. Traditional Florida design is highly influenced by the ancient Mediterranean architectural style since both areas require houses that allow comfort from the heath of the day. Both styles feature shallow and sloping tile roofs and one or more verandas and porches. The windows are usually arranged in a way that allows for the cooling breeze to flow gently through the rooms. If you want to include a wall unit in your Floridian home you will find that you have a wide range of designs and price ranges too choose among. When you are looking for a wall unit in South Florida it is always a good idea to shop around and visit several manufacturers and shops. Since there is such a wide market for wall unit in south Florida you should never settle for a wall unit that is not 100 percent you. When you are shopping for a wall unit in south Florida you can also choose a custom wall unit, since south Florida is home to several reputable companies and craftsmen that can produce a high quality custom wall unit to fir you specific needs and preferences.

Regardless whether you opt for a custom wall unit in south Florida or purchase a ready made wall unit you will have your pick among a multitude of different fashions. You can for instance go for genuine Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishing or Faux Bois (also known as antique finishing). If you want your wall unit to be the natural focal point of your room and the centre of attention you can choose to include fine decorative painting or precious metal leafing. By combining old and new techniques; a custom wall unit can be a highly personal item that reflects the personality and aesthetic sense of the owner. Combine texture, color and decorations into something completely unique. Well made high quality furniture is something that has always been passed on from generation to generation and cherished for centuries. When you purchase a custom wall unit in south Florida it is therefore a great idea to take advantage of the profusion of skilled craftsmen and time-honored furniture companies found in south Florida, and create an ageless piece of furniture that will be appreciated no only today, but for decades to come. For more information visit JWP Inc.

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